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LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE, WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS. Why would you still work with just one traditional real estate agent, if Baerz & Co provides you immediate access to a sturdy group interconnected, top notch real estate brokers with an unparalleled reach to Holland’s fast pacing residential property market? And what if the whole process of buying, selling, constructing or decorating of your luxury home could be entirely managed by just one professional management office? All for the same fees and a minimum fuzz. We independently manage these processes on behalf of private clients throughout the Neterlands. All our associated real estate agents are renowned boutique firms with an unrivalled expertise in their regional markets and typically all officially certified by Dutch NVM. We fully unburden our global clientele, with an incomparable level of tailored services. Our unique approach assures a swift and safe access to Holland’s luxury home market. OBJECTIVITY BEFORE PROFIT Providing a high level of personal attention implies that the person you first meet will work with you from first to last. Always ready and willing to go the extra mile. Baerz & Co agents assure that objectivity is always put before profit, in your benefit only. Thus avoiding all typical notorious conflicts of interest our industry is sometimes sadly known for. Every stage of the buying or selling process is managed and delivered with minimum fuzz and maximum expertise. We’ll make sure all negotiations with buyers and sellers are done in your favour only to get you the best deal possible. Do a great job and be trusted! We build trust by our integrity rules and also not being afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear. We trust ourselves, because our instincts have a solid foundation in commitment, experience and property knowledge. FAR MORE SERVICES Apart from our buying and selling advisory- and brokerage services there’s more. A lot more services beyond those of traditional real estate agents. We’ll get you the best and most reliable professionals that you’ll probably need to turn the sale or purchase of your home into an efficient and satisfying experience. Thus saving you time, hassle and expensive disappointments. Whether that concerns advice on debt finance-, legal- and tax matters, or turn-key management of architectural design, new development, renovation, construction, interior design & decoration and landscaping. With Baerz & Co you’ll simply find the best people for each job. One stop shop. Our differences lie in a great network at home and abroad, combined with a personal approach, a deep understanding of regional markets, a wider than traditional range of services, and hard work. And because of this unique approach we save our clients three times as much as our fees on average.

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